Looking for a better and more efficient way to filter out your company’s data? Happy Penguin Media helps you succeed in the use of Excel. Our CEO Sven Dahlin has written an Excel guide that has been read over 25,000 times and helped people take their Excel use to a completely new level.

With Happy Penguin Media’s help, you can start using Excel like a pro. The skills you acquire from our Excel courses will help you accomplish many goals such as:

  • Read and create automatic spreadsheets
  • More efficient use of time
  • Filtering out data
  • Better understanding of your company through better data analysis

We offer amazing packages that will help you with navigating the world of Excel and Google Spreadsheets. You can choose to tailor the package according to your own wishes or choose a pre-existing package. Additionally the packages can always be tailored to meet the pre-existing skill level. Everyone from beginners to more advanced Excel users will benefit from Happy Penguin Media’s Excel packages.

You can hire us for Excel training to teach you or your employees vital excel training:

  • For a full day or multiple days
  • For certain hours

Please be sure to let us know your wishes so we can choose the best option for you.